Angry protesters shout “not my king” as members of the Royal Family attend Commonwealth Day


Prince William was heckled by protesters outside Westminster Abbey at a service celebrating the Commonwealth, the Independent reported citing a video of the incident which was posted on TikTok. The incident took place when Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton attended the annual Commonwealth Day service along with King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla.


Angry protesters shout "not my king" as members of the Royal Family attend Commonwealth Day


In a viral video, Prince William and Kate Middleton were seen exiting a car as rows of anti-monarchy protesters stood outside Westminster Abbey, holding signs which read, “Not My King”, the report claimed. Protesters were also heard shouting at Prince William, saying, “You’re never going to be our king!”

“Down with the monarchy, William!” the protesters added.

Prince William, however, ignored the protesters as he and his wife headed inside Westminster Abbey.

The anti-monarchy demonstration was organised by a group of activists known as Republic which calls itself a grassroots campaign that aims to “see the monarchy abolished and the King replaced with an elected, democratic head of state”, as per the group’s website.

King Charles and Queen Consort were earlier met with “Not My King” signs from the same group during a royal engagement last week.

“If you think politicians are fair game for heckling and protests, you should see Charles in the same way. The Queen felt like the real deal. Charles is just a bloke in a suit who’s spending lots of our money,” Graham Smith, Republic’s CEO, told the DailyMail.


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