Daniil Medvedev addresses Iga Swiatek’s plea: I’m for peace all over the world

Daniil Medvedev addresses Iga Swiatek's plea: I'm for peace all over the world


Daniil Medvedev agrees with Iga Swiatek that top players have the responsibility to address certain situations and show leadership. On Monday, Ukraine’s Lesia Tsurenko revealed she had to give Belarusia’s Aryna Sabalenka a walkover in their Indian Wells match after suffering a panic attack.


Daniil Medvedev addresses Iga Swiatek's plea: I'm for peace all over the world

When Swiatek was asked about the situation, the Pole said Russian tennis players cannot be blamed for the actions of their government but noted that players from that country should speak up and show solidarity with Ukrainian players.

Medvedev showed empathy for Tsurenko and underlined once again that he is “for peace all over the world.”




Medvedev asked about the Swiatek comments
“Yeah, it’s a tough question to answer. First of all, I definitely do feel sorry for all the Ukrainian players and what they go through.

For sure, the situation with Tsurenko, I don’t know in details. It’s more for her and for maybe a little bit Sabalenka to answer, because I actually didn’t know about this till the next day. I was actually — because I finished the match before them, and then I was surprised there were doubles after.

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I thought there was singles match, and then the next day I saw it. Talking about top players, of course we have a responsibility, and it depends how every person, individual, will do with it and will hold with it. I always said the same, I’m for peace all over the world, to be honest, and that’s all I can say,” Medvedev said.



The reporter pressed Medvedev, asking him directly if he wanted to see the end of the war in Ukraine. In his answer, Medvedev suggested that calling for peace all over the world was the answer to his question. “I will say because I think in my answer there is an answer to this, that I am for peace.



So I’m going to continue with the same answer, because I do think that there is an answer to your question,” Medvedev noted.


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