“I Am So Impatient”: Millionaire Simone Biles’ Is Having a Tough Time

“I Am So Impatient”: Millionaire Simone Biles’ Is Having a Tough Time


Amidst kickstarting their pre-wedding rituals, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are also managing several responsibilities ahead of their big day. Including their professional commitments and wedding arrangements, they are also tracking the progress of their future home in Houston. While the couple’s soon-to-be abode is not ready yet, Biles recently shared an update on its progress.


“I Am So Impatient”: Millionaire Simone Biles’ Is Having a Tough Time

A few hours ago, Biles hosted her regular Q&A session with her fans on her Instagram story. Apart from getting questions about her wedding, and gymnastics comeback, the 26-year-old received a question about her future home. Biles shared an update on her future home with a cute picture of her soon-to-be husband, Jonathan Owens.

Simone Biles’s future home progressing slowly…

In her latest Q&A session, a fan asked the gymnast, “How’s the new house coming along?” Simone Biles revealed that she has been impatiently waiting for her new home, which is building at a slow pace. Several factors have come in between the progress of her new house. She stated in her Instagram story, “A lot of things have been out of our control (weather &, etc) so it’s been a slow slow slow process and I am so impatient. But hopefully, we will get to lay the foundation soon.”



“I Am So Impatient”: Millionaire Simone Biles’ Is Having a Tough Time

The gymnast is hopeful that after the foundation process, she will be able to decorate her adobe with her fiancé Jonathan Owens. Biles added, “Once foundation is laid I hear things go a bit quicker and weather isn’t as much as an issue.” Moreover, Biles shared the progress on her house along with adding an adorable black and white picture with Owens in the background. The NFL player wrapped his arms around the gymnast while they both looked down.

The couple first indicated they are building their new home together back in January 2022, when they were not even engaged.

Back in January 2022, Simone Biles shared a few snaps of her Houston land in her Instagram story, stating, “I know this looks like nothing, but I’m so proud,” she wrote at the time. “Here’s my lot — my soon-to-be home,” she added. After this, the couple shared a proper picture of their new plot on Instagram in March 2023.

Both Simone and Jonathan prefer the Houston location for several reasons. The NFL player signed with the NFL Houston Texans in 2019 and has been with them ever since. On the other hand, Ohio- born Biles grew up in Texas around the age of three after being adopted by her maternal grandparents. Indeed, the Houston house is significant for the couple.


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