“I Still Have Bills to Pay, I Still Cry”- Reason For My Mental Health Struggles…“I Need To Be Distracted, This Wedding Is The Solution”

Being extremely talented at something is a special thing to possess. But it doesn’t make you less human. It doesn’t make you bulletproof to feelings and routine day-to-day challenges. Perhaps Simone Biles is the most talented gymnast the world has ever seen. However, what also is true is that she is just a 25-year-old who is probably coursing through the same life obstacles as the rest of us.



Today Simone Biles is an icon. An inspiration for the world to follow. Though it’s not just about her being a legend in gymnastics, well, obviously, that’s something that makes her who she is. However, more than that, it’s about how she carries herself, how she always chooses herself over everything else, and it’s about her valuable contribution to redefining gymnastics.



Surely, Simone is an extraordinarily talented person. Perhaps that’s what made her such an accomplished athlete. But under the skin of a legend, she is equally human as the rest of us. Sharing her thoughts on her larger-than-sports image, Simone said, “I think one of the main things that get misconstrued through the media is that we don’t have feelings.”

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The Olympic champion further added, “We’re kind of like hard all the time and granted that in our growing up we have to be. But at the end of the day, I still have bills to pay, I still cry, and I still have dogs. I live a normal life even though I just do really amazing things in my sport but I still live a normal life and I have feelings, so I am just like you guys.”



For her new reality series ‘Daring Simone Biles,’ on the social media platform Snapchat, Simone will try out a couple of new things. She will be DJ-ing in the show, and on a more daring front, she will be doing beekeeping. Now we all know about how a Bee ruined her perfect moment on the podium in the world championship, but perhaps this time she wants to get rid of her Bee fear too. Now that Simone has gathered much experience, maybe she thinks the best way to get rid of your fears is to face them.

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