Maria Sharapova On Managing Her Mental Health, The Power Of Authenticity, And Why It’s OK To Fail

Maria Sharapova famously won Wimbledon when she was 17 years-old and went on to win five grand slam singles titles, become world number one, earned the most money out of any female athlete11 years in a row, even set up her own sweet brand, Sugapova and amongst her many endorsement deals Maria is still the global ambassador for evian.



When it comes to resilience, determination and ambition it would be hard to find someone with a better manifesto for life than Maria Sharapova. So who better to join us for the latest GLAMIFESTO for life than the 34 year-old who retired from tennis in early 2020, herself?…one step at a time. As basic as that sounds, I feel that sometimes I get way too ahead of myself with my goals and my priorities, and sometimes that certainly gets in the way of being present.



must be a workout. I usually start my day with a sweat and whether that’s 15, 20 minutes – or an hour or hour and a half, if I want to push myself 0 I definitely feel better on the other side. My spirits are lifted, I feel healthier, I ended up eating much better during the day, and I stay hydrated when I’m doing my workout. I feel like it sets a really good base for the rest of the day. With working out, I get bored very easily as I think we all do with our workout routines, but you must be consistent so I try to mix up two or three different workouts. I start with strength as I believe that strength is the foundation of everything you do, especially in the core. And after retirement, I feel like I work on my arms a little bit more because that came so naturally in my sport and I don’t really do much of that in my everyday life.

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Mental health is carried with us throughout the entire day. From the moment that we wake up to when we go to sleep. I feel like we want to place ourselves in all these different buckets and I like to set those goals and those buckets can be as easy as thinking, ‘okay, today I have my small to-do list. I want to spend time with my family, I want to get my work done, I want to take care of my body,but it always starts with myself. ‘How am I feeling? Am I energized? Am I fresh? What is my body lacking?’ And a good night’s sleep. I think that the following day begins when you have a good night’s sleep.



I start my day with one litre of water. I learned that with my sport because when you travel around the world, you face jet lag and different conditions and heat waves from the summer to the winter. You never know where you’re going to be playing and how your body’s going to react during the day. I’ve carried all those routines post retirement, because they really help in my everyday life. I feel fresh. I know that from working with evian for the last nine years!

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honesty. I think honesty is a really important quality to have about your mindset, about who you are, about the people that you’re with, that all comes down to authenticity and then the purity that you carry yourself with, and your life with, and your outlook on life with.


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