NFL World Reacts To Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Photo

NFL World Reacts To Patrick Mahomes' Wife Photo


The wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is trending on social media following the controversial news about his brother.


NFL World Reacts To Patrick Mahomes' Wife Photo

On Saturday, news dropped that Jackson Mahomes is facing allegations of assault. Video of the alleged incident is troubling.

Brittany Mahomes, meanwhile, continues to show out on social media.




The wife of the Chiefs quarterback went viral on social media this weekend.

“You guys look so happy! Ignore the haters, Brittany, they are just trolling bots with no life! We appreciate all you and Patrick do for our city! Keep the positive vibes and thank you for sharing your pics! Love your family,” one fan wrote.



“How do you guy’s manage to look perfect after having like no sleep ever . What a hot couple ❤️,” one fan added.

“another day another sports event!” one fan added.



“Love you both for years. I always get crap for saying this, but I don’t care. I use my first amendment rights,” another fan added.


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