Oprah Winfrey Weighs In on Whether Harry and Meghan Should Attend Charles’s Coronation


With King Charles III’s coronation now less than two months away, the biggest news story around it—despite the royal family’s best efforts—remains whether or not somewhat-estranged son Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will attend. The Montecito residents have confirmed via a spokesperson that they were invited to the festivities via email, but have declined to confirm whether or not they will be accepting said invitation. Now, their close friend, media mogul Oprah Winfrey, has weighed in on what she thinks the best course of action is for these ex-royals.


Oprah Winfrey Weighs In on Whether Harry and Meghan Should Attend Charles’s Coronation

While appearing on CBS Mornings with another close friend, Gayle King, Oprah gave a classically diplomatic response on the question of whether Harry and Meghan should make the trip out to the UK for the May 6 ceremony.

“Do you think they should go? Do you think they should not go? Is it something you’d like to comment on?” King asked Oprah, who decided that yes, she did want to comment on the situation.

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“I think they should do what they feel is best for them and for their family. That’s what I think,” Oprah replied. “That’s what the bottom line—it comes down to: What do you feel like is the best thing for you?”



Harry and Meghan’s family is a salient consideration for the upcoming event. For one thing, it takes place on the same day as their son Archie’s 4th birthday, and for another, it’s been reported that their children were not explicitly invited to join them—so coming to the UK would mean leaving their kids behind. There’s also the fact that, earlier this year (and tellingly, after the release of Harry’s memoir Spare), Charles served the couple with an eviction notice to vacate their UK home, Frogmore Cottage, which they’d renovated for roughly $3 million after Queen Elizabeth II gifted them the home as a wedding present.



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Harry and Meghan are now in the process of shipping the rest of their belongings to California from Frogmore Cottage, and they’ve been vocal about security concerns when traveling to the UK now that they’re no longer afforded the same protection as working royals. They’ve offered to pay for their own security while abroad, but the government barred them from doing so, reportedly to avoid setting a “difficult precedent,” per Insider’s interview with former royal bodyguard Simon Morgan.



While Oprah acknowledged to King on CBS that Harry and Meghan “haven’t asked me my opinion,” the mogul—who conducted Harry and Meghan’s famous 2021 interview shedding light on their reasons for leaving the royal family—was likely dead-on with her assessment of what the couple will consider when they make their decision. Harry has expressed that he’d like to make amends with his father, brother, and other royals, but while the reception he’s getting in return remains chilly, he may have to prioritize the family that’s prioritizing him in return: wife Meghan, and their kids Archie and Lilibet.

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