Patrick Mahomes brings ridiculous throwing motion to the baseball diamond

Patrick Mahomes brings ridiculous throwing motion to the baseball diamond


For those who don’t remember, Patrick Mahomes was an incredible high school baseball player.

He was a middle infielder and had a promising MLB career. I mean, his namesake father pitched in the big leagues for over a decade, mostly with the Minnesota Twins and the New York Mets in the 1990s and 2000s. Mahomes’ promising baseball career played a part in him going to a less glamorous Power Five program in-state at Texas Tech. While in Lubbock, he threw for all the yards.


Patrick Mahomes brings ridiculous throwing motion to the baseball diamond

Now that the two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs is the most popular person in The Show Me State, here he is showing off the leather and his awesome right arm during a charity softball event for the Kansas City Royals. Mahomes is a part owner of the Royals, so he can do whatever he wants in Kansas City, including this behind-the-back wizardry.

The ball may have only traveled roughly 60 feet, but do you think you are capable of doing this?

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes shows off in front of Kansas City Royals
Throwing a softball behind one’s back is infinitely easier than rifling a pigskin that way. Regardless, you know that Mahomes has put in the time to perfect the trick throw assortment in his quarterbacking arsenal. He doesn’t always unleash them in Chiefs games, but when the moment calls for it, he is not afraid to ad-lib and play some good, old-fashioned backyard football, baby!

While it has been a fantastic decade to be a Chiefs fan with Andy Reid coming over from the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, it has been a rough few years for the Royals. Yes, they won back-to-back AL pennants in 2014-15, including their second-ever World Series Championship in 2015, but this small market club has had to face the inevitable of yet another painful rebuilding process.

Eventually, the Royals will return to glory, as that is what typically happens when your farm system starts producing stars at the major league level. Then again, it is so hard to be consistently good in baseball. It is not a sport driven by parity like the NFL is. Frankly, that makes what the Reid/Mahomes Chiefs are doing is so damn impressive. They are a guaranteed 12 wins annually.

If that behind-the-back rep helps the Chiefs win games next year, then by all means, keep doing it!


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