These Cartoons Shows Are Banned, Tom And Jerry Director Speaks During Show 82nd Birthday…Why Was This Decision Taken?

Famous cartoon Shows: Famous cartoon shows of the 90s, which were banned in different countries of the world. The 90s is also known as the Golden Era. Movies, songs, and tv serials of this decade are still remembered today. But the cartoons coming in the 90s used to be something else. Almost all the cartoons of that time that were broadcast on tv have been masterpieces. We all grew up watching cartoons on TV.



Many cartoons such as tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, and Scooby-Doo are close to the heart even today. Many cartoons also appeared in the 2000s, but their content changed over time. Gradually, objectionable language started being used in them and then they were banned in many countries. Today we are going to tell you about some such cartoon series.



tom and jerry
Children still like tom Jerry, the world’s most famous cartoon show. But some of its episodes have been banned abroad. In fact, it was said that violence and alcohol are being promoted in its episode. This is not right for children.

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Pepa Pig was banned in australia for showing controversial content. It was argued that the Australian spider was deadly and featured spiders and bugs fighting together.
Shin Chan cartoon series was very popular among children in India. It was banned in india in 2008 due to Shin Chan’s mischievous behavior with the elders of the house. There were constant complaints about its content.



An episode of Pokémon once featured exploding red and blue flashes. After seeing this, about 600 children were admitted to the hospital due to ill health. Because of this, it was banned in Japan, Turkey, and Arab countries. The show was showing violence against the cow. Therefore, it was banned in india, calling its content derogatory.



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