Who is Patrick Mahomes’ Dad? All You Need to Know About Pat Mahomes

Who is Patrick Mahomes’ Dad? All You Need to Know About Pat Mahomes


Patrick Mahomes, the poster boy of the NFL has established himself as a viable candidate for the ‘GOAT’ quarterback spot in just 6 seasons. With three Super Bowl appearances and two title victories in such a young career, Patrick is making Kansas City’s decision to give him a whopping $503 million extension seem like the best ever deal ever made in the sporting world.


Who is Patrick Mahomes’ Dad? All You Need to Know About Pat Mahomes

Whosoever saw Patrick in his early days could easily predict that he is going to be a massive name in the world of sports. In fact not just at football, Patrick was quite good at baseball too. After all, genes had to play their part as well, right.



Patrick’s father Pat Mahomes was quite an athlete in the late 90s
Patrick, who looks like a naturally gifted athlete who just required a bit of polishing, was always going to look at sports as a viable career option because of the guidance and experience his father had in the field. Patrick’s father Pat Mahomes was a successful baseball player in the late 90’s and 2000’s.

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Who is Patrick Mahomes’ Dad? All You Need to Know About Pat Mahomes

Hailing from Lindale, Texas, Pat was able to raise quite a few eyebrows during his high school days by churning out notable numbers in basketball, baseball as well as in football. However, he ultimately decided to make a career in baseball and went on to make his MLB debut in 1992 for the Minnesota Twins.



Mahomes went on to feature for a number of a teams in the MLB including the likes of Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates. In addition to this, Pat also played for Japanese Central League’s Yokohama BayStars for a couple of years.

Talking about Pat’s personal life, he married Randi in the 90’s and went on to have two amazing kids, Patrick and Jackson. While Pat and Randi parted ways in 2006, both the stars have been constantly spotted supporting their kids in their career endeavors.



Pat Mahomes passionately hugged Patrick after Super Bowl LVII victory
Although it wasn’t his first championship, the Super Bowl LVII victory was a very special one for Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes. He came into the clash with an injured ankle, aggravated his injury before halftime while his unit was trailed by a whopping 10-points. However, he was still able to guide Kansas City to a memorable win against the most consistent unit in the competition.

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Thrilled with his son’s performance, Pat came down on the field after the final whistle and passionately hugged the Kansas City champion. “I ain’t never seen nothing like you. You different! You different. I love you. I love you to death, baby. You know I do. Damn, you’re good,” Pat had told his son before giving him an emphatic high five.

This moment with @PatrickMahomes and his dad after #SBLVII is incredible. 🥲

“I ain’t never seen anything like you. You different.” (via @NFLFilms, @insidetheNFL) pic.twitter.com/3YLyKHmM0v

— NFL (@NFL) February 13, 2023

Indeed, it was a sight to behold for football fans and looking at how relaxed and fit Patrick is, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that more such “post-championship win” father-son hugs will be seen in the future.


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