“You have NO HEART” – Brittany Mahomes lashes out at animal abusers as the..


Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are gearing up for a snowy and cold Christmas in Kansas City. While people will be enjoying themselves at home with loved ones and heat, some animals might suffer due to the harsh weather. In a recent tweet, Brittany called out anyone who might be abusing their pets or animals this winter.


"You have NO HEART" - Brittany Mahomes lashes out at animal abusers as the..

The original news came through the Kansas City Pet Project, who were looking out for pets left outside in harsh conditions. This also includes pet owners who might be unaware of the problems their actions could cause.

Not everyone who leaves their pets outside might not know how bad it can get, and the KC Pet Project only wants to educate people accordingly.



Brittany tweeted specifically at those abusers who didn’t care enough, referring to them as heartless.

“If you leave your dogs out in this weather you have NO HEART.”

A pet owner herself, Brittany is always around to shower them with love. Her tweet seemed personal, with followers chiming in with support and empathy in the replies.


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